Vivo v5 schematic diagram diagram base website schematic

Vivo v5 schematic diagram diagram base website schematic

Vivo is a Chinese multinational technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services. The brand focuses on providing a high quality audio experience for users by utilising Hi-Fi chips in its smartphones. Quickly becoming a major player in the smartphone industry, Vivo joined the ranks of the top 10 smartphone makers in the first quarter of with a global market share of 2.

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vivo v5 schematic diagram diagram base website schematic

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Strictly necessary. Accept all Accept only selected Save and go back.Inthe company made a breakthrough in advanced electronic industry virtually from scratch. Incooperation with Sanyo Electric led to the merger and the formation of Samsung Electronics Corporation. Inthe first black and white TV and color TV in were released. In Augustthe corporation head office moved to Suwon South Koreaand by December the construction of the production of consumer electronics factory was completed.

Later, the corporation is now Korea's Semiconductor Co. Bya sales office was opened in the United States, export volumes of Samsung Electronics exceeded million US dollars. Inthe first domestic video recorders were released. In he joined the corporation to Korea Telecommunications Co. In he began production of personal computers model: SPC The same year saw the release of ten-millionth color TV, open trading offices in Canada and Australia, research labs in California and Tokyo Japan.

BySamsung Electronics ranked 13th in the world for the production of semiconductor devices and opened factories in Thailand and Malaysia. Inthe plants were launched in China and Czechoslovakia, and the company is included in Group A in accordance with international credit rating. In order to improve the management structure in December of the same year, Samsung Electronics has moved to a single system of the presidential administration.

Insales volume reached 5 billion. US dollars, and in November opened branch Mukoonhwa Factory with the use of disabled persons.

Bythe export volume exceeded 10 billion. Dollars, and in February, Samsung Electronics has acquired The company selected as "Olympic Partner" category "Manufacturers of wireless communication equipment. Bythe company took over the main market share of LCD monitors and began mass production of digital TVs.

They diamond heads, which number six were introduced. The diamond coating reduces wear on the belt, eliminates dust accumulation and provides high-quality recording and playback. In JanuarySamsung Electronics was awarded the prize "Best Company for the production of consumer electronics", annually awarded by the magazine Forbes Global.

Someone believed in it, and some do not, but sales of televisions increased. In fact, the effect of infrared radiation has long been known and in our country, and abroad. Diffused infrared long wavelength part of the spectrum, invisible to the human eye, a beneficial effect on all life around. Kinescopes SAMSUNG and LG with bioceramic coating of natural ingredients generate diffuse infrared radiation, and the radiation level increases with an increase in ambient temperature.

This radiation creates favorable environment, relieves stress and fatigue and creates a "green zone". Colors and memory of 4 MB. It can be connected to a computer via interface RC and "reset" the captured images on the hard disk. PLUS system. The picture, which is reproduced on the TV screen, some already 5 cm.Last update June To keep it from being confusing for those reading their PCB's, since this is primarily a reference for vintage Big Muff owners, and to keep the EH tradition, we have used this order on all Big Muff schematics, including post 's Big Muffs.

I have also tried to keep the part numbers consistent from schematic to schematic. Maxon opted to alter the tone stack for this clone, fixing the bass value across the tone pot sweep, although listening to my OD, I think the traditional BMP tone stack would have worked fine.

The whole high pass and low pass tone section is incorporated into the recovery stage. What this did was to make the bass and treble sides have a more useful range of sounds.

The treble side retains some bass across the sweep, so it is not as ear piercing and trebly as a standard BMP when dialed completely to the treble side, nor do the highs seem to be completely removed when dialed fully to the bass side.

VIVO Mobile Phone Manual PDF

It kind of makes finding the 'sweet spot' a bit different sounding than the traditional BMP tone stack, but that is what makes this version unique. This one appeared on the market around or '75 from Hohner. Component values are similar to a few V1 schematics, but it does not follow any of them exactly. An extra. I have written more about Hohner and the Tri Dirty Booster here. It is also the second most common version of the V2 circuit made by Electro-Harmonix, after the '73 violet.

Around EHX started using these large, barrel shaped, white axial poly film caps, which is the easiest way to identify this version. The pF filter cap in the first stage at C10 was unique to this version, as was the small. Those were nearly always. The pF cap in the first stage was used to sort of balance out the pF caps in the clipping stages, in an effort to keep the sound from being too different from the previous versions.

The same circuit was also used in the Guild Foxey Lady version. Another variant exists with the more common pF caps at C10, C11, and C12, but few were made. Note that most of the original Silicon diodes from this period are unknown, simply marked with a black band, but some are 1N The differences are minor, but diode types do affect the sound frequencies that are clipped.

Both high and low pass tone resistors are mis-matched as they were on most V2's circarather than matched in the '73 violets, and all previous Big Muffs. I have also never seen a 2. Otherwise, the values are more or less a mix of s values. This was not always followed in production, but it seems to make little difference in a 9v battery powered circuit pointing either way.

Volkswagen Vehicles Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals

Other than the 8. The 8. The reason may have been due to a surplus of 8. One important change was making the tone stack resistors have mismatched values, where they had always been identical before. This opened the door for some slightly different voicings in the mid range scoop and the frequency levels in the high pass and low pass sides of the tone stack.

Note that the original Silicon diodes are only marked with the black band. The actual diode types used are unknown. This "Box Cap" Ram's Head version is easily identified by the large white box caps used.Schematics of radios Programming soft.

vivo v5 schematic diagram diagram base website schematic

Hamradio projects. Updated ICPRO 1. HM Remote control microphone. A Universal Programming Cable for Radios. TK WIN. Linea pro CPS R FT Mods rus.

Maycom EM User manual. User Manual. Service Manual. AR - User's Manual. PDF, eng - 1. TXT, eng. Programming Manual. DjVu, eng - kb. Degen DE Short Instruction.

PDF, eng - 3. PDF, eng - 5. Dealer Manual. Service manual. PDF, eng - 5mb. PDF, eng - 4. PDF, eng - 2. PDF, eng - 2mb. PDF, eng - 8. PDF, eng - kb. PDF, eng - PDF, eng - 6. PDF, eng - 7. EKD DjVu, eng - 3. PDF, rus - kb. PDF, rus - 1. PDF, rus - 3mb.Hundreds of other files have been kindly contributed over the years too. Many of the files here are just schematic diagrams but some include additional information such as specifications, and a few are complete manuals. Files highlighted as "new" were added in the last 90 days.

Click a row in the table below to download the file. You may download up to 5 different files in a 30 minute period. If you have anything to add please email paul at vintage-radio dot info. Probe Diagram and schematic. Probe Description, diagram and schematic. High Voltage Probe Assembly. Demodulator Probe Diagram and schematic. Demodulator Probe Description, diagram and schematic.

vivo v5 schematic diagram diagram base website schematic

Low Capacity Probe Description, diagram and schematic. Audio Amplifiers Schematic and specifications. Audio Amplifier Schematic only. Audio Amplifier Schematic and specifications. Audio Analyser Schematic only. Solid State Stereo Amplifier Schematic only. Transistor Stereo Amplifier Schematic only.

Stereo Amplifier Schematic only. Stereo Amplifier Partial manual. Mono Amplifier Complete manual. Power Amplifier Schematic only. Antenna Coupler Schematic and specifications. Audio Equalizer Schematic only. Audio Frequency Meter Schematic and specifications. Audio Generator Schematic and specifications. Audio Generator Complete Manual.

Audio Generator Schematic only. Sine-Square Generator Complete Manual. Stereo Tuner Partial manual. FM Tuner Schematic only.Workshop manuals are a series of practical repair manuals and service manualswhich are the same essential industry standard software as used by the dealerships around the world, covering repairs, service schedules, maintenance, wiring diagrams and diagnostics.

Workshop manuals provide repair and service procedures for many vehicles including maintenance of automotive, carsmotorbikestrucksmarines and ATV vehicles, but not limited to these. Repair manuals provide all the information required to repair and maintain your vehicle to a high standard, whether it is changing the air filter, checking tyre pressures, to more in-depth jobs such as an engine overhaul, to changing the timing belt and head gasket.

Service manuals cover all aspects of your vehicle, from servicing schedules to maintenance. For e. Whether it is a service manual or repair manual having them in an electronic format DVD or an Instant Download is a huge advantage over having a book since there is no getting oil or dirty hands on them. You can simply print of the desired section of your workshop manual, repair manual or service manual from your PC and throw away once you have completed the repair or service.

Workshop manuals are perfect for any owner who likes DIY, who wants to get down and get dirty with their vehicle, but in enough depth to be used by professional mechanics too. Or if you prefer, you can purely use it as a reference guide.

Motorbikes Cars. Best Sellers. Smart Car Workshop Manual.Volkswagen Amarok Workshop Manual. Volkswagen Amarok Service Training — 6-speed transmission. Volkswagen Amarok Service Training — Engines. Volkswagen Amarok Service Training.

Volkswagen Amarok Transmission. Volkswagen Amarok SSP Volkswagen Amarok Workshop Manual — 4-cylinder diesel engine — 2. Volkswagen Amarok Workshop Manual — 4-cylinder diesel engine. Volkswagen Amarok Workshop Manual — Heating, air conditiong. Volkswagen Vento Workshop Repair Manuals. Volkswagen Vento Service and Repair Manual.

Volkswagen Vento Service Repair Manual.

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Volkswagen Tiguan Workshop Repair Manuals. Volkswagen Tiguan Controls and Equipment. Volkswagen Tiguan Service Repair Manual. Volkswagen Tiguan Programme autodidactique Volkswagen Taro Diesel Workshop Manual. Volkswagen Taro Workshop Manual. Volkswagen Sharan Service Repair Manuals. Volkswagen Sharan — Tips and Maintenance.

Volkswagen Sharan Service Repair Manual. Volkswagen Sharan Self-Study Programme Volkswagen Sharan Sistema Electrico. Volkswagen Scirocco Service Repair Manuals.

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